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Allison's Mommy & Baby Boutique is a one woman show! I shop for the trendiest and most affordable clothing. I am the one to answer all your calls and answers to your questions! So you get a sincere person who actually cares about your shopping experience. I want to create a positive shopping experience for you!

My name is Allison, hence the name Allison's Mommy & Baby Boutique. I have been  married to my wonderful husband for a year and a half. I have a nephew and a second goddaughter on  the way! My husband and I have not been blessed with our own yet, but when the time comes it will surely be a blessing!

I have always wanted to own my own my business but never knew what that business would be. I developed my passion for selling maternity clothes by working in an area maternity shop. I loved the way the women would come in and be bummed out about their wardrobe and leave with a smile on their face because I helped them find something that was flattering to their growing body. I felt like I was apart of their family because they were letting me share this special moment with them.

I founded Allison's because I found out a lot of women would complain that there were not enough alternatives to shop for maternity clothing. I wanted to give them an alternative. So for about two years I contemplated the idea of opening a maternity and baby shop and this year I just finally decided to do it. I hope you enjoy shopping and refer some of your friends and family to shop with me. I LOVE to shop and want to share the amazing clothes I find with you!

Meet The Team

Allison, the owner

Xavier, Marketing Executive